Zoya Rezanova, the head of the laboratory, PhD
Armina Janyan, research fellow, PhD
Jukka Hyönä, research fellow, PhD
Rymond Bertram, research fellow, PhD
Galina Kustova, research fellow, PhD
Vasily Poddubny, research fellow, PhD
Olga Nagel, research fellow, PhD
Irina Temnikova, research fellow, PhD
Oksana Tsaregorodtseva, research fellow, PhD
Eleonora Novikova, research fellow, PhD
Konstantin Shilayev, research fellow, PhD
Elena Nekrasova, research fellow
Alex Miklashevsky, research fellow
Alina Vasiljeva, laboratory assistant
Ksenia Pozovkina, laboratory assistant
Alfija Habibulina, laboratory assistant

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