HiRes-Tree-Image-480x480The International Centre for Research in Human Development at TSU has opened its doors to those who want to gain experience in experimental studies. Volunteers make their contribution by helping to prepare experiments, taking part as subjects and writing up lab reports.

Volunteering is widespread in today’s scientific practice as a form of cooperation between students and research centers. Research centers at the biggest international universities have up to 100 volunteers every semester.

Volunteering is a conscious step in one’s scientific career, says head of Laboratory for Cognitive Studies of Language Zoya Rezanova. We view volunteer action as an unpaid participation of interested students in our projects. It is one of the ways a young researcher can define his/her career and involvement in the context of international science. They can have an inside view of the work of the laboratory, try something on their own to understand whether they are genuinely interested.

Volunteers can collaborate in the work of different laboratories that are part of the Center in order to understand which field is more attractive to them. Moreover, it is a place where they can implement their own research projects.

Yulia Alyunina, MA student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, shares her thoughts: “I decided to become a volunteer at the laboratory because I study language and I want to confirm my results with the help of experimental methods. I’m currently in search for informants for laboratory experiments, and I’m planning an experiment of my own. Before, I had been doing studies in literature and now I’m gaining experience in exploring linguistic data. It will help make my investigation more professional and applicable to practical problems.

You can become a volunteer by filling out the questionnaire.

For more information, please call +7 3822 786-050 or write to


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